Trevor Forrest

British Cinematographer
By way of Manchester UK, Grand Bahamas + Norfolk England.
Local 600 Hollywood


“Manhunt” Apple TV

“Genius – MLK/Malcolm X ” Disney+

 Recently Awarded

‘Little Fires Everywhere’

*5 Emmy Nominations 3 Wins + Camerimage Best Cinematography – TV Pilot

“Yellow Jackets- S1.”

 Emmy winner Best Mini Series , Best Actress. Critics Choice Winner Best mini Series

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“Always looking to take an audience on a visual journey what ever the circumstances, on the best projects with the best collaborators”


I LOVE Trevor. A good shot maker & has beautiful lighting - whether naturalistic or stylized. Great human being! Thoroughly versed in the digital landscape! Awesome personality! Extremely hard worker - the roll up your sleeves & gets dirty kinda guy! Really good collaborator & solution-seeker!

Anthony Hemingway. Prod/Dir
UnderGround,People Vs OJ Simpson, NewsRoom

…….. I truly think you are one of the greats in the making, and can't wait to be a part of that again.

Patty Jenkins. Dir.

From a Production point of view, Trevor was a pleasure to work with, always helpful with discussions on what was best for the film, with the resources available to us. He worked well with his team and always brought energy and enthusiasm to the set.

Nick Laws- Line Producer. (Touching the Void. War Horse, The Killer Inside Me, Blood).

'NOBLE' (winner of 4 American Festival Jury Awards)Trevor also proved himself to be ready and able for any situation in practical terms. This included filming in very tough, ‘no-go’ areas of Saigon in 40 degree heat. Trevor was a driving force behind our completion on time and on budget, in a country which is extremely difficult for Westerners to shoot in.He is always well-prepared, hard-working and enthusiastic (we started prepping with Trevor with a trip to Saigon 6 months before we started shooting and that stretch of time proved invaluable).

Stephen Bradley Dir.Writer.Producer

Trevor's decisions - technical and creative - allowed us to make a film that punched way above its weight, visually. The praise that the film also garnered for the creature effects are thanks, in no small part, to the positive and collaborative relationship between Trevor's camera and lighting techniques and the VFX team.

Paddy Eason (VFX/DFX Supervisor & Owner Nvizible UK)

Trev has been an absolute pleasure to work with and his ability to come up with creative solutions when budgets didn't stretch as far as we would have liked was a great attribute...........

Melanie Gore-Grimes. Producer - ‘Noble’ (Location Mgr. Private Ryan, RSA Commercial Producer 6 yrs)

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